Wynonna's faith was tested again after surviving two near-death experiences in the summer of 2010. "I had some surgery to repair my stomach wall, ... and I had a major blood clot go through my heart, and the doctor says I should have died," she says. "I was in the studio two months later singing with blood clots in my lungs."

In July, Wynonna escaped a near-fatal car crash. "[A] guy fell asleep and hit me head-on at 55 miles per hour," she says. "They life-flighted him, and I walked away because [the rental company] upgraded me to an SUV because they love my music."

Wynonna says she's lucky to be alive. "I'm grateful to be anywhere," she says. "I used to wake up and say, 'Oh, God, it's morning.' Now I say, 'Good morning, God.'"


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