Wynonna says she was determined to become better, not bitter, after her divorce. "When I got really alone, my life coach said: 'You'll think you're going to die from crying of a broken heart. And if you'll let yourself lean into the pain, you'll wake up one day and you'll stop crying and you'll move forward,'" she says. "I just had to have faith and believe in someone else because I didn't believe in myself."

Wynonna says Roach struggled with addiction, and her family had to learn to heal from that. "That saved me, making sure that my children, that we, could break the cycle of addiction," she says. "It's baffling. It's cunning. We are not our diseases."

Watch Wynonna discuss healing her family

According to Wynonna, Roach is in recovery. "He's sober, and that's what matters to me now."

In the end, Wynonna found strength in focusing on what was best for her and her children. "The best revenge is living well," she says. "I cleaned out my house, got rid of everything that reminded me of him."

Forgiveness, she says, is an ongoing process. "[I] haven't forgotten, but I have forgiven. Enough that I humanly can," she says. "I don't wish him dead or anything like that. I just wish to be one of those people that doesn't spend my life being defined by that."


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