Though she'll talk about her own pain, Wynonna says she's reluctant to speak about certain aspects of the case out of respect for the child involved. "This story is so deep and wide. There's more to it than I can tell you," she says. "Because of the child, I won't speak about it. It's their story [to tell] when they're ready to talk."

Still, she admits she did know the child. "That's what's so scary is that it is someone that you know," she says. "There's a trust there. There's a bond."

Wynonna says she's had to step back from the child and his or her family since the incident. "They're in the [healing] process, and it's none of my business," she says. "I had to separate from it or it would have killed me. I literally had to physically, emotionally and spiritually literally place them at the feet of Jesus."


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