Naomi and Wynonna say simple shifts in communication have made major inroads in their relationship. "What [therapy] taught me, I guess, more than anything is to be nonresistant," Naomi says. "Being invitational instead of confrontational."

Watch as Naomi reveals how she changed her relationship with Wynonna. 

The women have also worked on setting boundaries and saying no to one another in more constructive ways. "We're moving forward by saying, 'Mom, what I hear you saying is that really doesn't work for you,'" Wynonna says. "I don't have to like it. I don't have to agree with it. [I can say], 'I still think you're crazy,' whatever. But I can say, 'I really understand why you feel that way.'"

Their newfound openness, Wynonna says, has blessed them with the gift of listening. "We call it last-drop listening," she says. "When they're finished and there's a pause, rather than thinking of what you're going to say, you literally pause and you say, 'Is there more?'"


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