Over the past 20 years, country superstars Wynonna and Naomi Judd have become part of the extended Oprah Show family.

Look back at all 18 of the Judd family's Oprah Show appearances. 

Wynonna was a teenager when she and her mother began their rise to superstardom as the Judds. With five Grammys, 14 number one hits and 20 million albums sold, they quickly established themselves as country music legends.

Browse the Judds' personal family photo album.

The Judds toured for eight years—some of which were fraught with mother-daughter tension—before a hepatitis C diagnosis forced Naomi to retire in 1991.

Four months later, Wynonna launched a successful solo career and sold out stadium after stadium. Meanwhile, her younger sister, Ashley, made a name for herself as a Hollywood actress.

After triumphing over personal struggles, the Judds have come full circle. In November 2010, they will kick off their "Last Encore" tour.

Now, in what may be their farewell Oprah Show interview, Wynonna and Naomi are doing what they do best—having a no-holds-barred conversation.


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