From rescue missions to medical care to the distribution of food and supplies, Wyclef says the logistics have been a major challenge in the aftermath of the earthquake. "It's not like Haiti didn't have the tractors. The people that we were looking for that usually drive the tractors, they're under rubble. So that was a lot of the problem."

Wyclef also wants to emphasize that the earthquake has affected all of Haiti, not just Port-au-Prince, where many relief efforts have been focused. "Sometimes when people hear Port-au-Prince, they assume that's the entire Haiti," he says.

Still, despite all the challenges Haiti now faces, Wyclef says he was buoyed by a sense of hope. "I remember every night ... the people were singing. Despite what they were going through, you still heard 'Amazing Grace,'" he says. "The thing about the Haitian people is it's will. It's determination."


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