The destruction in Haiti left countless people homeless, including the prime minister and his wife, who were forced to live in the airport. "[The prime minister's wife said], 'Clef, y'all really got to be strong because once you leave this airport, you're not going to believe what you're going to see."

While in Haiti, Wyclef and his family shot their own home video of the devastation they encountered. "Bone-chilling screams," he says. "It's the first sound my wife, Claudinette, and I hear."

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Wyclef says people lay dead in the streets everywhere they went. They wore masks to try to block the smell of decomposing bodies. "That's something they don't cover in the news," he says. "The smell of the bodies."

Because cemeteries are overflowing, Wyclef says survivors have begun to dig shallow graves. "Most of these people laid to rest here will never be identified," he says.


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