Write a letter to the editor of your local paper and let him or her know what can be done to solve the climate crisis.
Here are some examples of ways you might begin a letter…
  • "Your newspaper's article highlighting the need for more renewable energy in our city was right-on [article title, date]…"
  • "My family and I were encouraged to read that Senator [insert name] will introduce a bill to increase fuel efficiency in our state [article title, date]…"
  • "I was saddened to learn of the board's decision to reduce bus and train service to the airport [article title, date]…"
Some things to keep in mind…
  • Limit your letter to one subject, and keep it brief. Check the publication's guidelines to be sure you stay within the maximum number of words allowed.
  • Make it timely and relevant to current news.
  • Reread your letter and be sure it is something you as a reader would like to see in that publication. Does it state your argument clearly, back it up with facts and maintain a civil tone?
  • Include your contact information so the publication can get in touch with you if it needs to.
  • Have fun!
Information provided by wecansolveit.org


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