Another difficult aspect of the weight loss battle is the realization that even if you lose all the weight you want to, you still might not think you look perfect. An audience member says that even though she knows she'll probably never look like a supermodel, she's having trouble accepting that.

Geneen says we need to reject the voices in our heads that tell us there's a right and wrong way to do everything. "That voice that's telling you you need to reach for perfection? That's not your friend," she says. "You basically need to know, when you hear that voice, that that voice is not telling you the truth." 

Even supermodels have that voice, Oprah says. "Naomi Campbell, who is a gorgeous woman, was here not too long ago. You know how many people it takes to make Naomi Campbell look like Naomi Campbell on a cover? You know many people it took me just to get dressed today to come down here? It's a village. So this ideal that we have sold ourselves of what is perfection is a complete illusion," she says. "As you flip through advertisements or anything you watch on television, everybody is lit to the high heavens. So if you are followed around with a light and a fan, you will, too, look like perfection."


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