Once you've begun conquering your weight battle, what do you do about friends and family who aren't there yet? One audience member says people around her are envious and not at all supportive of her success and she isn't sure how to deal with them.

Ultimately, your body is your business and no one else's, Geneen says. "In a very nice but gentle way, say... 'It's my body and I'm taking care of it,'" she says.

Oprah says she too has experienced friends' jealousy when she's lost weight, and the key is learning to be okay with it and owning your success. "[It's about] reteaching loveliness to yourself so that you don't have to apologize to anybody for being full of yourself," she says. "What you really want to be is so full of yourself that your cup runneth over so that you can give to other people. There's this whole notion that women have of, 'Oh, I don't want anybody to think I'm full of myself because God forbid if I should be full of myself.'"


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