Women eat for many different reasons: because they are frustrated or bored or tired or happy or sad and are resisting those emotions. Geneen says that until women can come to terms with their emotions, they will continue to feed their emotions. "To the extent that you're wanting the situation to change, you are going to be living in frustration. You're going to be living in some kind of anguish, and you're going to be fighting with yourself and the way things are. Whenever you fight with something, you feel miserable."

Oprah says this is meant by the "God" in the title of the book. "It all boils down to one thing: It is your relationship with the source. And the relationship to that which we call God or don't call God or don't even know is God is all that really matters," she says. "When you surrender and stop resisting and stop trying to change that which you cannot change but be in the moment, be fully open to the blessing that you have already received and those that are yet to come to you...when you can claim that and see that, the literal vibration of your life will change."

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