Jo-Ann and John

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As a child, Jo-Ann says she didn't know she was gay, but in 1989, she says she started to realize she liked women. "When it came time for me, I struggled with it. And [during] my first experience I was slightly inebriated," Jo-Ann says. "Through the whole experience, I cried and said, 'I don't want to be lesbian. I want to get married, have kids'".

In 1990, when Jo-Ann and John first met, she admitted to having had an attraction to women. "At the time I was saying, 'Well, this is just a relationship. You know, we're not getting married or anything,'" John says. "It wasn't a big deal."

Now, as he settles into his new life, John says he has started to come to terms with losing "the dream." In the end, he's happy that Jo-Ann is living the life she was meant to live. "It was relief for her to know who she was."

Jo-Ann says that even though coming out to John was difficult, it was the best thing she's ever done. "I was able to be myself," Jo-Ann says. "I had struggled for so long trying to find out who I was. And once I did that, I was able to flourish."