Inspired by then-candidate Barack Obama's message of change during the election, did his part to inspire voters with the Emmy award-winning video "Yes, We Can"—the first of three songs he wrote supporting President Obama. "So if I'm gonna go out there and say, 'Hey, let's go get Obama in the White House and expect him to do everything,' that's pretty silly, right?" he says. "So I want to do my part."   

Though he originally planned to sponsor one student, says he couldn't resist helping all four once he heard their stories. "They had a dream and they have single moms, and they're kids that got accepted to college and they have no way of paying," he says.

He says he feels it's his duty to help inspire the future of our country. "You can get your money and you put it in the bank, or you can put it in the youth. You can put it in our future," he says. "I've traveled the world because someone believed in me, and it makes me feel like you can have dreams, especially in this crisis, right? That doesn't mean we stop dreaming."

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