John and Cheryl Eller, parents of eight children ages 20 to 8, say they're at the end of their rope. When they purchased their home in 2001, John says they could afford the payments. "I was making good money," he says. "I did my job."

After being laid off by his employer, John had to take a series of lower-paying jobs. Now, he says he's bringing home one third of what he used to make. "I went through my 401(k). I went through all my savings," he says. "I've been an executive in a major corporation, and I've also made doughnuts on a graveyard shift working in a bakery for $10 an hour. I've had to do whatever it takes."

Cheryl says she thought they'd live in their dream home forever, but unless they get help, they could lose their home in as little as two months. "There's just been a lot of life in these walls," she says. "To have to leave it all, it's going to be really hard."

If Cheryl and John's home is foreclosed, they'll face an even tougher challenge—keeping the family together. "My dream is to keep us all together, but with this sized family, it's tough to find someplace to rent," Cheryl says. "We'd have to split up."
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