The Smiths traveled to China for the filming of Jaden's film, The Karate Kid. Trey couldn't go on the trip since he had football, so Will took the 13.5-hour flight back every weekend to watch his son's football games. "It's really important. When I grew up, that's how it was with my parents. It's like they were showing up at all the stuff and I just felt like, you know, you have three children and it's dangerous to play favorites or lean one direction or something like that, and it was just hugely important. He had to know his father, even though he doesn't really know how long the flight is and all that, one day he's going to take a flight back and forth a couple of times and he has to know that his father flew home to be at his football games every week."

Will and Jada were both producers on The Karate Kid, and Jada says it was the first time they've worked so closely together. "I think we got over some huge hurdles because we're very different creatures creatively," she says. "In doing this movie, we realized what our strengths and our weaknesses are and in which areas we can depend on each other."

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