In order to teach his kids a different mind-set, Will and Trey are reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. "It's like he's guiding me throughout the whole book," Trey says. "One of the lines that really stuck out to me was that a poor dad says, 'I can't get money.' But when you ask the rich dad, his question is, 'How do I get money?' That doesn't only apply to the money aspect, but life overall. You don't want to just give up. You want to figure out a way to accomplish your dream goals."

Willow says her dad is the disciplinarian in the house. "When I'm in the studio, he keeps me working. He gives me motivation," she says. "He says, 'If you work through this, then you'll get a hit and everybody will buy it and you'll get lots of money.' And he also teaches me that it's not all about money. It's about what you want to do."

But it's not all seriousness in the Smith home, of course. Will made a name for himself as a comic actor, after all. "My parents embarrass me all the time," Jaden says. "When I'm at school, sometimes my dad will just pull his pants down!"


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