Will's oldest son, Trey, is from a former marriage, but Jada says she and Sheree, Trey's mother, made a conscious effort early on to get along. "Sheree and I both had to make that decision, because at the end of the day, we had Trey and that had to be the primary focus," she says. "So we had to put aside our own craziness, our stuff, all the baggage that comes with it. She and I just had to focus on, 'What does he need?'"

Sheree says that while getting to that place took time, it was extremely important. "You realize, [Will and I] had our chance, now it's about those kids."

The adults in this family all agree that the goal for the children is for them to be their best selves. "I just want them to live in service to greatness. I want them to live and to create in a way that when people see it, people are inspired and people become better just by having contact with their excellence," Will says.

The trick, however, is letting the children define their own greatness, Jada says. "We might have a vision for what we see, but at the end of the day, Jaden has to have his own vision, Willow has to have her own vision and so does Trey," she says. "So we are there to help inspire and facilitate their vision, because in order to reach the type of excellence that Will is talking about, you have to be able to reach inside yourself to find that drive. Nobody can put that drive in you, so you have to inspire the individual to find and focus on the goal that they want for themselves."


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