Smith may be one of the most common names in America, but this Smith family is anything but ordinary. Will Smith is known as "Mr. July" for the box office bucks he rakes in every summer for his blockbuster films. His wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, does it all—she's a singer as well as the star of the TNT series Hawthorne. And together, they're raising three kids—Trey, Jaden and Willow—and have created one of the most talented families in Hollywood.

Will and Jada say they created what they call a marriage business plan early on. "If you don't have a purpose for your relationship, if you don't have a place that you're going, something that you want to accomplish, something that you want to do, you can really get lost in the murk of the journey," Will says. "There has to be a vision. Like, why are we together?"

The tough part is when two independent visions need to come together as one, Jada says. "I had my vision and he had his, so we had to join it," she says. "Once we started to see how the children were growing and, you know, Willow and Jaden and Trey were becoming their own beings we decided, 'Okay, we want to make a family business. How do we incorporate all the talent that we have in this family?' So that's our vision—to create a place where their dreams can come true as well."


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