Oprah Winfrey

Everyone is still talking about our season's Wildest Dreams with Oprah premiere show when we gave everyone in our audience a brand new Pontiac® G6™.

"I'll tell you, the look on everybody's faces when they saw their car keys, for me, was priceless. It will live on as one of the greatest moments I've ever experienced on television. Literally, I thought I was going to pass out!" Oprah exclaims.

All the audience members were told that if they accepted the car, they would have to report it as income—even if they later sold the car. By law, anytime someone wins anything over a certain dollar amount—whether it's from a game show, a lottery ticket or in a casino—he or she is must report it as income on a 1099.

But guess what? As of now, nobody has declined the car! And everyone was sworn to secrecy—they couldn't even tell their spouses!

So what happened when everyone went home?
Tonya and her friend

Tonya from Denver knew exactly what she wanted to do after she received her new car. She decided to pay it forward!

"Because you are one of the most humble people I know…I'm going to give you my car when I get my new one," she says to her surprised friend.

"That is the spirit," Oprah says.
Kacey gives her mother Kathy the key to her Pontiac G6

Kacey from Chicago says she's giving the Pontiac® G6™ that she won to her mother Kathy! Kathy has never owned a new car, and her current car has more than 100,000 miles on it.

Kacey: After the show had taped…I called my mom and I didn't tell her, but I said, "Something big is going to be happening on The Oprah Show on Monday, so make sure you watch because you're going to reap the benefits.

Oprah: You didn't even tell her? I couldn't believe that you all kept that a secret!

Kacey: That was a fantastic day. I got this on my birthday and her birthday was a few days later. So today I would like to present to my mother the key from that day. Until you receive the car, you can hold onto that.
Lisa plans to sell her Pontiac G6 and give the money to charity

The plans that Lisa from San Jose has for her car made Oprah cry! Lisa says she was so inspired by Oprah and felt so blessed to be a part of the show, she decided it was a great opportunity for her to give to others. She plans to sell the car and donate the money to charity.

Lisa: I want to say thank you for allowing me to continue giving and for your spirit of giving.

Oprah: You know what, I really wanted that…. One of the things I prayed for [before the show] is that the spirit of giving—the spirit of generosity—would be felt more so than the cars themselves. So the fact that you got that makes me want to cry!
Alex gets a new Pontiac G6

Oprah's season premiere also featured the story of 20-year-old Alex, who dreamed of going to college and succeeding, despite having spent the majority of her life bouncing from foster homes to shelters to the streets of Los Angeles. On the show, she was surprised with not only a makeover by supermodel Tyra Banks, but SBC Communications also gave her a full tuition scholarship to the college of her choice!

But it didn't end there! After the show, the executives from General Motors® scrambled to make another dream for Alex come true: they gave her a brand new 2005 Pontiac® G6™!
Alex moves into her apartment

After the show, Alex also got news that she would be provided with an apartment until she entered college. We caught up with her the day she saw her new home. Even the lobby of Alex's new apartment building is elegant—a world away from the rough streets of Los Angeles where she had been living.

"It's so beautiful," Alex says. "I saw this kind of stuff on TV as a kid, but never did I ever think I'd be actually living it. These are my keys. To my place. It's right here!"

After sleeping on other people's couches and shelter beds, Alex is amazed with her new furnishings.

"I don't have to be on the street. I don't have to be worried about where am I going to sleep tomorrow…. This is my first time on my own and I'm scared, because it's not a group home. It's not a foster home. This is my home. This is, like, an opportunity I'm being given that doesn't happen to many people like me…and it's happening to me! And I'm really willing to commit my life to school and just better my future."
Alex and Oprah go on a shopping spree at Express

Also on the show, Alex received $10,000 in gift certificates from Express, www.expressfashion.com. To help her pick out new clothes, Oprah took Alex on a shopping spree at Beverly Center in Los Angeles, California, www.beverlycenter.com!

With the team of fashion experts at Express, Alex has plenty of cute, sassy little outfits to choose from. She loves black, but punches up her wardrobe with some pink and orange. And she tries on dozens of new outfits, modeling every one of them for Oprah!

"This is exhausting, people!" Oprah exclaims. "And I'm not even the one trying on the clothes. You can get shopping overload. You need to relax, take a break, come back, start again."

And after adding everything up? It's just $1,835!

"For all of that ," Oprah says. "You still have $8,000 to spend!"

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