And white T shirts! I am exhausted trying to find the perfect white T shirt that doesn't cling, hits at the right length, isn't see through, is the right thickness, doesn't have to be thrown away after 3 washings and doesn't stretch out while you are wearing it. White is for doctors and brides, ok? Ok. Fine. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on white. All right. I confess. I actually love white. I love the way it reflects light on my face. I love the way white makes me look when it's summer and I have a slight fake tan. I love a white bathrobe after a shower. I do love white. But white doesn't love me as much as black does. Black is comfy. Black is good to me. What has black ever done to harm me? Black is black. That's why I am loyal to black. I am a monochromatic monogamist. Or am I?

Reminiscing about my bygone romances with color has awakened a desire in me to revisit the temptation of tint. It has been too long since I have lived without color in my clothes. Besides, I had some really good times with color. What's so scary? There really isn't anything to lose (except for a few pounds here and there). What's the worst that can happen? Some dog might mistake me for that hydrant? I can always go back to the safety of my neutrals. If I try color no one is going to get hurt, except maybe that person who wears white and looks perfect all the time. So, I'm going to go for it. I am going fearlessly into the wild blue yonder of spectrum. I am ready to ride the rainbow of risk to find that jackpot of goldenrod. It is time to come out of the shadows and into the light of color. Out of my way, beige. Fuchsia, here I come!

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