Ted says that after being so deceitful to his wife and family, he is working to rebuild trust by being accountable for his whereabouts at all times. "I took lie detector tests," he says. "I call her constantly. I try to think through anything that would cause her to have any doubt with my schedule for the last three years."

Gayle says the process of earning trust has been slow but steady. "I know trust is important. I've been hugely betrayed here," she says. "So where do I start? And I thought, 'The things that I can trust today are that I know he really loves me, and I know he's committed to going through the process with me.' Then beyond that, when he came to me and said: 'Gayle, it falls on me to re-earn your trust. This isn't your job. This is mine,' that was huge."

Ted says he lives by the rules of open communication these days. "I Tweet and Facebook my schedule because I feel like not only did I violate Gayle's trust but the public's trust," he says. "But whenever I go anywhere alone, which is very seldom, I'll call Gayle when I arrive. If there's any adjustment to schedule, I call Gayle. ... It would feel very different if Gayle was harshly imposing things on me, but I stepped up and I said, 'I'm going to do this.'"


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