In her book, Gayle writes about finding herself at a crossroad one night and consciously making the decision to stay with her husband. "That was the night that Ted had confessed to me that parts of the allegations were true," Gayle says. "There was a sense of betrayal, revulsion, 'How can I do this?' But what I fell back on were the things that I really believed about our marriage and what I really believed about my husband. That I knew: 'Okay, this was something that was a secret from me. I hate that. I hate secrets. I want to know the truth. I want to know my husband. This is all very painful, but I also know what kind of man he is and the good that he's done and the really wonderful parts of our marriage. and I'm not willing to let go of it.' So I was processing all of that."

Ted says that after reading Gayle's book and getting greater insight into why she stayed with him, he also got a true look at how much she loves him. "That is an incredible thing. I mean, this woman is deeply...she's infatuated with me," he says. "And I am so grateful. I think it's an incredible thing for a woman to love a man the way she loves me, and I don't deserve it."


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