Gayle says that even though she knew Ted had had relationships with other men in the past, when the allegations were made against him in 2006, she truly believed Ted's denial. "I was too naive and didn't understand the gravity enough to really understand what was going on there," she says. "After Jonathan was born, he came to me and he said that approximately a year and a half prior there had been an incident in his life that he hadn't shared with me that he felt he needed to. It did involve another man. It wasn't a sexual relationship or anything like that, but there was a semisexual encounter that he had. ... He was in graduate school at the time and had gone to a bookstore and it was a city some distance from us, and so he determined that day to get out of grad school and never to go back."

Ted told Gayle about his encounter more than 25 years ago, Gayle says. "I think now that would be a huge, huge sign for me," she says. "But at that time, I felt as though I understand the fact that we all have struggles. We're all going to mess up in different areas of our life."


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