Then, a year after the diagnosis, Bridget made another shocking discovery. She says she and Lee stumbled upon some emails of John's that were X-rated on their home computer.

"I had gotten in there to find my banking," she says. But, when Bridget went into the computer's history, she found more than she expected. "There were these men-looking-for-men websites," she says. "I went and clicked on the websites, and I was speechless. ... Then, we went into the cache file and found all of these emails. They would blow your mind if you saw them."

"Well, I did see them," Oprah says. "I read just a few of those emails, and I've go to tell you, that is some vile stuff that was going on there."

Without going into too much detail, Bridget describes some of what she read. "It started five months after we were married," she says. "[He was] looking for other men with HIV who were married to have sex with. ... I was numb. I was stunned."

About a month and a half after finding the emails, Bridget says she finally confronted John after he called her an ugly word. "My head started spinning," she says. "I said, 'Listen, I know all about you.' I started talking about some of the things that were in the emails, and he sat up."

Then, Bridget says she told John he needed to be out of the house by the end of the week...and he was.


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