Looking back on her relationship with John, Bridget says she remembers times when it felt like something was off. "I remember when my mother came to visit me one time, and [John] had a friend there," she says. "I actually felt jealous of his [guy] friend. I'd never felt jealous of a guy."

Despite an inkling that John was hiding something, Bridget says she never imagined that John was having affairs. "I would have asked him tons and tons of questions if it crossed my mind," she says. "We went to premarital counseling. ... If I would have thought that he was living a double life, that would have been break time."

As the disease progressed and their marriage faltered, Bridget says John began to refuse medication. That's when she realized she was on her own. "At that point, I made the decision to tell my family," she says.

When Bridget told her older brother, Lee, about her diagnosis, Lee had specific instructions for his sister. "I told him what was going on, and he was like, 'Bridget, as soon as you get off the phone, I want you to ask him this question,'" she says. "'You ask him, "How many men have you had sex with?" Not "if you've had sex with men." [Not] "Have you ever thought about having sex with men?" Ask him how many men [he] had sex with.'"

Bridget followed her brother's advice and got up the nerve to ask her husband this question. To her surprise, John told her he'd had sex with two men. "I said: 'Oh really. Now when were you going to tell me that?'" Bridget says. "'Did you have a relationship with them?' And he [said he] had a relationship with them."


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