A week later, the doctor called Bridget into his office to share a devastating diagnosis—she had tested positive for HIV. Bridget says she immediately told her husband she was HIV positive, but he wasn't angry or upset. "He just was, like, 'Honey, it's going to be okay,'" she says.

John went in to get tested, and when his results also came back positive, Bridget says the doctor told her she had given her husband the disease. Wracked with grief and guilt, Bridget says she was devastated, "Now I had ruined my husband's life," she says. "Not just mine."

After the diagnosis, Bridget says the couple's sex life became nonexistent. "I felt like poison, and there are still times I feel like poison," she says. "I stopped having sex with him."

Then, Bridget says it felt like her life came to a crashing halt. She says she couldn't work, she became depressed and she started to feel physically ill.

Meanwhile, Bridget's family and friends had no idea what she was going through. Bridget says she didn't tell anyone she was HIV positive because she and John agreed to deal with the disease on their own.


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