When Bridget was climbing the corporate ladder, her high salary afforded her a comfortable life. She owned her home, went to the spa when she wanted and made smart investments. "It did feel like [it was] a charmed life," she says. But there was only one thing missing—a loving partner to share her success with.

Bridget was 32 years old when she met John at a conference in Detroit. "Pretty much everybody that met him was just, like, 'Wow, he's got his stuff together,'" Bridget says. "He was charming. He was very thoughtful, as well."

After dating for almost two years, John, a Hollywood executive, and Bridget were married. Bridget remembers their wedding as picture perfect. "My wedding day was a celebration," she says. "We wanted everyone to feel the love that we felt for each other."

After saying "I do," the couple traveled to Bora Bora for a romantic honeymoon. "When you get married, it's kind of like a freeing event, and you can be free with your husband because now you're married," Bridget says. "You can just have mad, crazy sex."

Their idyllic vacation took an unfortunate turn when, on their way back to their California home, John became terribly ill. "He started to get excruciating headaches. He could barely stand up," Bridget says. "The temperature spiked to over 103 [degrees], which is close to brain damage levels."

A month later, when Bridget was returning home from a business trip, she says she also became very sick. She decided to visit John's doctor to get a physical, and she says she asked to be tested for anything and everything. "[The doctor] said, 'Even HIV?'" she says. "And I said, 'I asked you to test me for everything.'"


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