As the world's second most populated country, India has one of the fastest-growing global economies. Still, 95 percent of Indian couples have arranged marriages, which is what happened for 31-year-old Shalin and his 27-year-old wife, Sneha. "We met over dinner, and it was her parents and my parents. We were all there for a family dinner, basically," Shalin says. "It was very awkward. You've got your parents and you're sitting there. And you can't be looking at the girl and saying: 'You know what? The two of us should just walk out.'"

A week after that dinner, Shalin spent a Sunday with Sneha. "At that time, I was certain in my mind that this is a spark," he says. "So I asked her, 'Can I proceed ahead and ask my parents to speak to your parents?''"

Sneha said yes. "I felt quite excited after it, but I was still very nervous," she says.

After two dates, Shalin and Sneha were engaged. Their wedding was a three-day affair.


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