While in Cairo, Nanna also met Injy, a 37-year-old journalist and mother, and Dr. Heba Kotb, a 42-year-old marriage counselor and mother. Both of these women choose to wear the traditional head scarf.

Watch as Nanna tours Dr. Heba Kotb's home. Watch

As a divorced woman, Injy says she's aware of the frustration felt by many unmarried men and women in Egypt.

"There is sexual frustration in Egypt. It's a fact," she says. "Because of religion, you cannot, or you should not, have sex before marriage. And because of the economic situation, many men cannot afford to get married and start a family. Therefore, they don't end up getting the sex that they need up until their mid-30s or even after that."

Despite some misconceptions, Injy says Islam encourages married couples to have a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

"It's the sayings of the prophet. … He tells men that they need to engage in foreplay," Injy says. "It's very much encouraged to give pleasure to the woman, for this to be a very intimate and mutually fulfilling relationship."


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