Mike gives an update on his sons.

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Mike is Skyping into the Oprah Show studio from his sober living facility in New York City, and says his children are doing well. "Mike Jr. is in a juvenile facility in Ohio. He got into a little bit of trouble, and he's getting treatment. ... We write back and forth. He has a lot of positive things to say, and he actually encourages me. It's been really good," he says. "Matthew completed his program at [the treatment center] Caron Foundation. In a five-month period he's gotten his GED, he's enrolled in college now, he's in a sober living house in Pennsylvania—he's doing great."

Mike gets most emotional when he talks about his youngest son, Cayden. "[He] can't make his own choices and decisions. Someone has to be there for him, and that's person's going to be me," Mike says. "What more can I ask for? He's running around doing things that little boys do. And he's just happy."