31. Do you think that schools today should spend more on vocational education, less, or are they spending about the right amount now?
Spend more 51%
Spend less 4%
About the right amount now 33%
No answer/don't know 12%

32. In your opinion, do you think that there is too much emphasis on standardized achievement testing in the public schools in your community, too little, or about the right amount?
Too much 44%
Too little 11%
About the right amount 39%
No answer/don't know 6%

33. In 2001, Congress passed President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" act. How much would you say that you know about the "No Child Left Behind" act?
Great deal 17%
Some 40%
Not much 29%
Nothing at all 14%
No answer/don't know 1%

34. Based on anything you may have seen or heard, do you think that the "No Child Left Behind" act has had a positive impact on education, a negative impact, or not much impact at all?
Positive 35%
Negative 23%
Not much impact 35%
No answer/don't know 8%

35. Who or what is most to blame when some public schools fail to improve test scores?
Not enough money 24%
School districts 21%
Parents 18%
Students 14%
Teachers 11%
No answer/don't know 11%


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