21. Which of the following describes the main reason you finished high school? (Respondents: 873 out of 1,000)
Your parents' or family member's involvement and encouragement 26%
Your own desire to succeed or go to college 46%
Both 26%
Neither 2%
No answer/don't know less than 1%

22. Please tell me how important each of the following reasons are for why many students drop out of high school.

1) The schools they attend and the teachers aren't very good.
Extremely important 14%
Very important 25%
Somewhat important 33%
Not very important 25%
No answer/don't know 2%

2) The students are not motivated.
Extremely important 27%
Very important 39%
Somewhat important 21%
Not very important 11%
No answer/don't know 2%

3) Class work is too difficult.
Extremely important 4%
Very important 11%
Somewhat important 29%
Not very important 54%
No answer/don't know 2%

4) They have problems at home.
Extremely important 25%
Very important 39%
Somewhat important 25%
Not very important 9%
No answer/don't know 2%

5) They need to work to earn money.
Extremely important 12%
Very important 20%
Somewhat important 39%
Not very important 27%
No answer/don't know 2%

23. Some people who dropped out of school can take tests to earn a general education development certificate or G.E.D.. In your view, is a G.E.D. as good as a high school diploma or not?
As good as a high school diploma 37%
Not as good 60%
No answer/don't know 3%


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