When asked what punishment they believe their mother deserves, Barzee's children have varying opinions.

Andrea says her mother should be put away. "I don't think she should see the light of day again," she says. "As citizen and as a mother myself, I feel like I have a responsibility to help protect children, and I don't want to see anyone else fall victim to her. "

Louree says she thinks her mother will always need to be under some supervision. "My mom's been mentally sick her whole life, and now that she's getting the right medication, apparently she is holding some responsibility for herself, so I think that's a good thing," she says. "But I think she's always going need to some kind of structure or somewhere to turn to. I don't think she should be out on her own."

Derrick says he isn't sure what should happen to Barzee. "I'm not sure how I feel, if she should be locked away. ... I'm glad she's taking responsibility for what she's done," he says. "Whatever her sentence is, you know, I think that should be fair...whatever that may be."

Rhonda says she had trouble believing her mother was involved with the crime until she pled guilty. "I was closer to her, the first one, and the golden child, I guess," she says. "She taught me a lot. She did a lot of cooking and baking and homemaking. She made all of our clothes when we were little kids, and I have a different view of her [from] growing up."


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