Barzee's children say eventually she abandoned and disowned them all and they only saw her once in a while around town. "In 1991, I heard my mom and Brian had hit the road, sold their possessions and began preaching. I guess they were trying to live a life of poverty to probably get closer to God," Derrick says. "They hung out at the bus station, at the homeless shelters, and that's where they preached."

Derrick and Rhonda both say they learned that Mitchell was suspected in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping while watching America's Most Wanted. "I saw him profiled and everything just clicked," he says. "All the ill feelings I had toward Brian were justified right there, and I wanted to find him. ... I was going to bring him to justice." Watching the episode, Derrick says he knew his mother must have also been involved in the crime.

Louree says she believes Mitchell and Barzee went after Elizabeth Smart to start their own cult. "Brian was very power hungry in the church, and he couldn't really get any higher and he wanted control," she says.


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