In 1984, Barzee and her first husband—the children's father—got divorced. A year later, she married Brian David Mitchell. "I had a bad feeling about him in the very beginning," Rhonda says. "He just gave me a hug, and it was just a really creepy feeling."

Louree, who was only 8 when her parents divorced, moved in with Mitchell and her mother when she was 12. "Brian and my mom would force me to pray with them for two to four hours a day," she says. "My mom was praying and I was kneeling there, and Brian actually nudged me and he pulled out some photos of some nude women and laid them up on the bed, and it seems that they were trying to get me to participate with them that day."

Despite the nude pictures incident, Louree says Mitchell never abused her. "There were innuendos. There were long hugs. He'd shrug up against me," she says. "I felt like if I wore a turtleneck around him that he was undressing me with his eyes."

The final straw for Louree came when she was 14 years old. "I asked what we were having for dinner, and my mom said chicken. During that meal, she and Brian were not touching their plates really, but they were kind of picking at a salad that they had, and she had a smile on her face the whole time," she says. "[The next day], I went to go feed my rabbit and the cage was empty, and I said, 'What happened to Peaches?' And she said, 'You had her for dinner last night.'" Louree says she moved out after that incident to escape the "mental torment."


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