Rhonda, Andrea, Derrick and Louree are four of Barzee's six children. For the first time since their mother pled guilty, they are speaking out for the first time about their experiences growing up with her. "I think the media portrayed my mother as being a victim of Brian David Mitchell, and I think one of the reasons I wanted to come on this show is to kind of expose her for the monster she is," Andrea says. "She would brainwash us relentlessly. We would be called up to her room, and she would sit there and drum into us, 'If you weren't a part of this family, then the family would be fine." ... So it was more the psychological, emotional constant abuse from her that, to me, was worse than the physical abuse. Because I felt like the physical wounds could always heal, but the scars of emotional abuse have remained."

Andrea says her mother stole her childhood. "She robbed us of our innocence," she says. "She robbed us of everything we stood to be."

Derrick says he was never taught the difference between right and wrong. "I got in a lot of trouble with the law," he says. "I wanted nurturing so badly. I wanted my parents to love me, you know? I wanted somebody to tell me it was all right. I never got that."

Andrea says unconditional love was one of the primary things missing in their home. "We were raised in the environment that we were just so worried about stepping out of line one little inch, and we never knew what was coming or when it was coming, so we just kind of flew under the radar and didn't really live."


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