Plenty of people have told Colin he survived for a reason, he says. They'll tell him he's supposed to do something big or that he survived because God was looking out for him, but he doesn't see it that way. "Those things are hard for me to take in. I believe I was lucky, simple as that. And I'm comfortable with that," Colin says. "He had all the cards in his hand, and I say when he laid them down, I was one of the ones face up." 

Colin's dream, he says, is to do something about gun violence in America. "Living for 32 is not only the 32 people who were killed at Virginia Tech, but on average there are 32 Americans killed by guns every day in this country—so 30,000 people a year. Seventy-thousand people are shot and survive," he says. "There are things we can do about that, so the ultimate goal is to try to make that impact. Try to make it harder for the dangerous people to get their guns because, as you can see, it's really too easy."


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