In a new documentary, Living for 32, Colin goes undercover to expose just how easy it is for people to get their hands on a gun. After hearing about the mass shootings in 2009 in Pittsburgh and Binghamton, New York—coupled with his own experience—Colin says he felt like had to address the gun issue. "I can't just sit on the side anymore," he says.

Colin didn't realize just how easy it is to buy a gun in the United States until making the film, he says. "I'd been around guns beforehand. I'd shot guns. I'd been to the range. I'd been hunting before. I passed basic rifle marksmanship in Army ROTC," he says. "They talk about respecting your weapon and how you've got to clean it and you have to have muzzle awareness. You can't point it at people. But when it comes to selling them, it's just like a TV or a sofa. It's just something that gets them 300 bucks, and that's what they're concerned about. It blows my mind."


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