Geoffrey says fixing America's education system is the most important issue our nation has faced in the past 50 years. "If we don't solve this education issue, our country is going to decline," he says. "But let's wait 10 years? It's going to be too late."

For perspective, Geoffrey compares the education system to a business—if this were the case, he says, no CEO would dare run a company this way. "You would never have a system and a business that has failed for 50 years and continues to exist," he says.

Changes, therefore, must be made. One change Geoffrey proposes is for teachers to work one extra hour a day.

"Imagine your community is burning and you call the fire department," Geoffrey says. "The fire department comes, and they work for a few hours and then they say, 'Oh, we're going home.' You say, 'What about my house?' And they say: 'It's 3. We've got to go!'

Another change he proposes is to remove the obstacles some administrators face when they try to remove teachers who aren't educating children. Again, Oprah tells good teachers that this does not apply to them.

"Can we all just come together and agree that we need to do something and stop fighting with each other, and come together and do what's best for the children?" Oprah says.
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