Vera says the search for the perfect gown can be an incredible experience for some women. "It's about your life and your personal love and everything you look forward to in the future," she says.

Lashia is a young bride who's searching for a gown for her big day, but so far she says finding the perfect man was a cinch compared to finding the perfect dress. 

With her fiancé currently serving in Afghanistan, Lashia is planning most of the wedding herself and trying to stick to a strict budget. When it comes to details like her dress, Lashia fantasizes about having a Vera Wang gown, even if it's not in her budget.

"Isn't it interesting that you are fantasizing about wearing a Vera Wang dress, the Rolls Royce of all dresses? And look who just happens to be sitting here," Oprah says to Lashia. Could it be a coincidence?


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