Police Chief Daniel Alloy was the officer who rescued Chelsea 11 years ago. He says after Chelsea's brother reported what was happening, he and his team immediately responded.

Chief Alloy says he was the first one to arrive at the Rogers' home, and he met Michael and Angeline in the driveway. "I told them why I was there and asked them if there was a child in a cage in the basement. They said not that they knew of, and I said, 'Well, I'm going to check. Do I have your permission?' And they said to go ahead," Chief Alloy says.

Chief Alloy couldn't believe that anyone would keep their child in a cage, but he says after looking around for a bit, he did in fact find the cage in the pitch-black basement. "I couldn't see anything. When I realized she was in there, she peeked out from underneath the blanket and I had an immediate need to get her out of there and get her out of that situation." Chief Alloy says. He says he opened the cage, Chelsea crawled out to him and he picked her up and got her out of there. "I just knew that, in my own mind, she was going to be okay from that point on."

Chief Alloy reconnected with Chelsea about a year ago, and he says she is like a daughter to him and his wife. He also says he's seen many cases of child abuse over the years, but he has been inspired by Chelsea. "She came out of that cage. She was the smartest, most beautiful little girl and she didn't do a turnaround. She put her nose straight forward and she hasn't deviated from the path to this day," he says.


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