For the past year, Chelsea has been trying to understand her painful past. First, she searched online for her own story, and then she talked to local reporters who were covering it at the time. Most recently, she went back to the house where she was kept in the cage.

Watch Chelsea return to her old home.

Today, Chelsea has no relationship with her biological parents. "[My parents] had 10 years of probation after their one year in jail, and I think they should have spent those 10 years suffering as I spent my seven years suffering," Chelsea says. 

She says she has never searched out her mother, but she was in contact with her father for about six months when she was pregnant with her son. She says she knew almost nothing about her past, and she wanted to get some information from him...but she never asked him why he and her mother abused her. "I've never really cared for a response," she says. "I don't know if what they say is true or sincere."

Watch Chelsea talk about her relationship with her biological parents and her brothers.


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