In 2000, The Oprah Show shared a chilling story of child abuse. It began in the quiet town of Brillion, Wisconsin, where police discovered that Michael and Angeline Rogers had been brutally beating and starving their five children for years.

The abuse came to the attention of authorities after the Rogers allegedly struck their 9- and 11-year-old sons with wooden rods and kicked them out of the house. Police say the older boy walked barefoot and coatless in 30 degree weather to the police station and told his horrifying secret. He recounted how his 7-year-old sister was being kept in a small wire dog cage in the family's dark and freezing basement. The boy told police she was beaten with wooden clubs and barely fed and that when his sister cried, their mother called her a little pig and sprayed her with freezing water from a hose. The boy also recalled a time when he found his sister stuffed in a plastic container under a basement shelf, gasping for breath and covered in her own feces.

After hearing the boy's story, police rushed to the Rogers' home and rescued the girl in the cage. Michael and Angeline Rogers were charged with child abuse and sentenced to one year in jail.

It's been 11 years since that heartbreaking Oprah show, so what happened to the girl in the cage?


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