When it comes to monogamy, Tracy's says he's working on it. "I try to be," he says. "I'm a man. I've learned to just glance. ... Women are God's greatest creation. Men may be first, but women is his greatest. There would be planet of the apes without you all."

Tracy's wooed women with plenty of romantic gestures, he says. He's bought one woman a puppy, or sent 50 dozen roses, but the most romantic thing he's done? "I painted her toenails," he says. "Just me and her and her toenails. She had fingernail polish all over her feet, but I tried."

One of the funniest things about Tracy is his honesty, a lesson he says he learned from his dad. "My father was a righteous man. I loved him. He never lied to me about nothing. All his drug addictions, the reason why him and my mom broke up," Tracy says. "My father was a very funny man on the level of Richard Pryor. And where I come from, your sense of humor is the knife in which you cut through the wilderness of despair. ... Richard Pryor was honest with us, and I learned that was the best policy. So I'd tell my story and have nothing to hide. I'm me. This is me."


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