In one of his ongoing bits, Tracy loves to joke about his relationship with Oprah. He told David Letterman that she was his Valentine and claims he ran into Stedman at an airport and got in a fight over her. "This goes back to high school, you know, when me and you was messing around," he jokes. "You always running up on me, trying to approach me. You know, this is my woman. [Stedman] know it."

Tracy says his self-proclaimed irresistible charisma is a blessing and a curse. "Charm, man, charm. I've got that charm, you know? And your teeth is pretty and stuff, all you have to do is smile," he says. "I'm the black Svengali."

The perfect woman, Tracy says, is an independent woman. "I like a strong woman, but she's got to be weak enough to need me. I need to be there. I need to be like, she needs to be with me and I need to be with her. It's unity—united we stand, divided we fall. We've got to be tighter than pantyhose two sizes too small," he says. "It would help that she had her own talk show."


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