Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan has been called many things since he burst onto the comedy scene: outrageous, unpredictable, brilliant.

Tracy first wowed audiences when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1996. He made a name for himself with impressions of Star Jones and Maya Angelou, and these days he's earning Emmy nods for his portrayal of Tracy Jordan, the pampered, impulsive star of a late-night sketch comedy show on NBC's 30 Rock.

Though his crazy reputation precedes him, Tracy says that's only his on-camera persona. "I don't run down the street in my underwear in real life, you know," he says. "I'm pretty subdued. Off-camera, I'm just regular. Where I come from, that was normal—taking your shirt off at parties. Like at Studio 54, people did it all the time. That was partying. But I don't do that just totally in public."


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