Santia, became bulimic trying to please husband

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When 28-year-old Santia met her husband Fabian, she thought her years of worrying about her weight were over—she believed she had met someone who loved her despite being overweight. After a whirlwind romance, they married, but after a couple of months, Santia says she realized the honeymoon was over.

"He would always tell me he would love me more if I lost weight," Santia says. "I started doing different diets, but nothing would work. I would just gain weight again. I joined the gym and he didn't think that would work."

Stressed out by Fabian's growing disgust, Santia's weight climbed to over 300 pounds. She made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery. But despite her continued weight loss from the surgery, Santia says her husband wasn't supportive or satisfied with how she looked. She decided to take drastic measures to lose more weight.

"Standing on the scale and seeing that it was only two pounds [lost], that's when my bulimia started," Santia says. "I started vomiting three or sometimes four times after anything that I would eat."