Tyler's father is still alive today, and Tyler says he feels no remorse for abusing his son. After sending out an emotional message to his fans last year revealing parts of his painful past and the power of forgiveness, he expected a phone call from his father. What he got was very different.

Tyler: He sends a message through my brother saying, "If I had beat your ass one more time, you probably would have been Barack Obama."

Oprah: Wow.

Tyler: Here I am trying to heal from it, and that's what he sends me.

Oprah: And yet, I know you still take care of him.

Tyler: I do.

Oprah: You still send him a check every month. You still have him living in a beautiful mansion in Louisiana. You still provide for him.

Tyler: I do. Because I forgave him. I had to.

Watch Tyler explain how and why he forgave his father.   

Though he forgives his father, Tyler says he will not have a relationship with the man, and will not put himself through the fear and emotions that surface whenever he's around.

"I think that's really important to be clear that just because you forgive somebody does not mean that you now want to be around them," Oprah says.


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