Tyler Perry on The Oprah Show in 2007

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October 3, 2007
In 2007, Oprah said she was inspired to ask a question couples rarely ask themselves—"why did you get married?"—after seeing Tyler's movie Why Did I Get Married?.

Tyler wrote and directed Why Did I Get Married?, a film that chronicles the lives of four couples.

Having never been married, Tyler said he relied on personal experiences to pen the characters. He also incorporated a theme that's been a driving force in his own life: forgiveness.

"Right now in my life, family is so important," he said in 2007. "Marriages are falling apart. All of these things are happening for no reason, and I think it's because so many of us don't have a spiritual connection. ... We don't know when to forgive when our partner makes a mistake. We don't know what to do to move on."