The prison where the other Wes Moore is serving his life sentence denied The Oprah Show's request for an interview because he's a convicted murderer and the relatives of the police sergeant did not want him interviewed. "I certainly respect that," Oprah says.

After dozens of meetings and letters, Wes uses his knowledge to speak to the other Wes Moore's character. "[He] is very similar to a lot of us," Wes says. "He's conflicted. He loves his children. He loves his mother."

In fact, Wes says he was surprised to discover how men in such different positions are ultimately more alike than they are different.

"That was actually one of the things I really discovered about Wes as I first got to know him— just how similar we were," he says. "I realized how passionate he is about his children and how much he wants to help other people who are now in prison."


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